list and control process using ssh

July 26, 2010

To list all processes which are started by your user, you can use root@freehost [/]# ps -x where ps is the command and x is the argument we are passing to it PID    TTY      STAT   TIME COMMAND 3735 pts/0    R      0:00 bash 3775 pts/0    R+     0:00 ps x 5032 ?        Ss     1:01 wget -mbr — […]

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Searching for files/text using SSH

July 23, 2010

If you want to the find the files or folders under a specific location or directory,ssh provides two different commands. find and grep command. to search for a file location you can use the the find command. For example if you want a search a file called abc.txt,you can use the below command find . […]

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How To Get Domain Secret Code

July 22, 2010

1) Login into your domain control panel 2) search the Domain For which one you want to get the domain secret code 3) under the order information >>Domain Secret>>here you will get the domain secret code

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Moving and copying files using SSH

July 22, 2010

Often you will move or copy the files from different location.This can be done using ssh The two command which we going to use is mv and cp the syntax for move command is mv config-dist config Alternatively you can move whole directory and its content mv includes/* ./ This will move all files (and […]

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Adding name servers in command line

July 20, 2010

1.Log into the root via ssh your favourite editor and edit vi /etc/nameserverips file ns1.domainname=x.x.x.x ms2.domainname=x.x.x.x 3.Update the name server the file.

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Rebuilding The Apache Configuration

July 19, 2010

IF YOU FACE THE FOLLOWING ERROR MESSAGE WE NEED TO Re Build the apache configuration If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner: It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache. If you are the […]

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How to recompile apache using easyapache with php

July 18, 2010

1) Log in as root in SSH. 2) Run /scripts/easyapache 3) Choose Option 6 4) Choose the Apache modules you want on  screen 5)Then, scroll down to PHP modules 6)Click on it. Now on the next page, choose your PHP modules 7)Return to the main screen, and now  finished.

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How to upgrade the cpanel vis ssh

July 17, 2010

In order to upgrade cPane;/WHM version from command line you need to execute the below mentioned command # /scripts/upcp –force This will upgrade the cpanel from cureent vesion to higher availabel version.

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Command to restart cpanel services via ssh

July 16, 2010

To restart cpanel services via ssh: 1.  Login to ssh 2.  Enter the command /etc/rc.d/init.d/cpanel restart This will restart cpanel services.

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Creating Mysql databse Users and changing Password using shell

July 15, 2010

Create a new user. INSERT INTO [table name] (Host,User,Password) VALUES(‘%’,’user’,PASSWORD(‘password’)); Change a users password.(from unix shell). mysqladmin -u root -h -p password ‘new-password’ Change a users password SET PASSWORD FOR ‘user’@’hostname’ = PASSWORD(‘passwordhere’); Allow the user “karthick” to connect to the server from localhost using the password “passwd123” grant usage on *.* to karthick@localhost […]

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