list and control process using ssh

To list all processes which are started by your user, you can use

root@freehost [/]# ps -x

where ps is the command and x is the argument we are passing to it

3735 pts/0    R      0:00 bash
3775 pts/0    R+     0:00 ps x
5032 ?        Ss     1:01 wget -mbr --

The result shows 5 colums,where PID shows the process information TTY shows the terminal STST shows the shows the process state Time shows the time at which the process started and COMMAND shows the command used

To see the same information  in realtime,you can use the following command

root@freehost [/]# Top

In some cases you might need to stop a certain process. The graceful way to do this is to send a SIGHUP (or SIGTERM) signal to the process and ask it politely to stop itself.

To do this you can
kill -15 PID

root@freehost [/]# kill -15 5032

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